Bosses Day!

I feel as though my posts are starting to have a recurring theme of “it’s been too long since my last post.” Time is unfortunately a scarce resource for me and I really do wish I had more hours in a day. On the flip side though, I treat it as a measure of success (or […]

It’s been a busy year

It is funny how everything in life is so relative. A year ago, I would have told you that it is not possible to work harder or longer hours than I was doing at the time, but the past 6 months has truly shown me what it means to work hard. Let me begin by […]

Are you creating a business or a job?

I went to a conference a few weeks ago at the Sandton Convention Centre. The conference was mostly a waste of time, but one of the speakers said 1 sentence that had a profound impact on me – “If you don’t create systems in your company, you haven’t created a business, you’ve created a job.” […]

Insights from Sendgrid on growing a startup

One of the benefits of working out of a start-up accelerator is that when big players from around the world come to SA, we’re generally one of their stops to come have a chat. This week we were privileged to have Tim Falls (@timfalls), one of the early employees (employee number 6) of, come speak […]